attach 4x4 to concrete wall

want to move chain link fence. yahoo answers

aug 3 2007 i need to pull up 4 of the posts that are in concrete in the ground. use a long strong pipe or wood 4x4- at least 8feet long-. a clamp that will go around your post and hold it tight some medium chain. and a solid block about 2 attach clamp near base of post attach chain to clamp and then to end of【Get Price】

best practices for attaching wood to concrete concrete decor

feb 7 20 8 fortunately there are many ways to make the transition from concrete floors and wall frames to wood floors and drywall. most masonry【Get Price】

i put my gate posts too far apart and now my gate has an 8 inch gap

mar 3 20 2 i set all the post in with concrete and stretched the fence on either side of the gate but when we add 2 4x4 posts to the gate one on each side.【Get Price】

fastening wood-to-concrete / masonry simpson strong-tie

an engineered method to attach roof trusses to concrete and masonry walls to resist ideal for attaching beam to post or anchoring the bottom of a post to wood.【Get Price】

engineering a retaining wall - this old house

mortared or concrete walls in heavy-frost areas require footings dug below the that attach to the block and are buried 5 feet in the hillside at specific heights .【Get Price】

how to attach railing to a concrete base or wall simplified building

looking to attach a railing to concrete steps or a concrete wall we& 39;re here to help. learn how to install your handrail and more in this detailed project【Get Price】

sturdi-wall bracket a steel strap used to tie 4x4 post to concrete and

pole barn surface mounting dry set post anchor wood to concrete mount ebay. wood to existing concrete mounting bracket. unlimited quantities available.【Get Price】

what& 39;s the best way to anchor 4x4 to a concrete block wall. yahoo

may 3 20 4 i am installing a sunsail shade on my patio and i need a 0& 39; high point to attach one of the shade& 39;s corners. the shade is meant to be be【Get Price】

do it yourself diy yahoo answers

can i drill a hole threw cement block wall installing tv wall mount i have a swing set with 4x4& 39;s that are 6 feet apart and 8 feet high. i wanted to attach a 3/8 eye bolt through the 2x6 about 3 feet off to the side and wanted to see【Get Price】

how to attach timber to concrete using concrete anchors

feb 8 20 3 they are know by other names in other countries are the ideal anchor for attaching almost anything to solid masonry such as concrete.【Get Price】

how many pounds per square foot can the floor of a house hold

mar 2009 it will be placed on the side walls not the front/back walls. it will be on first the attachment is commonly done with joist brackets. these are metal probably you& 39;d be better off storing your "load" on the concrete in the basement or in the garage. get 2 jacks and use a 4x4 to span the joists. a cement【Get Price】

how do i attach a hose reel to my house yahoo answers

i& 39;d like to attach an automatic water hose reel to the side of my house. the problem i would get some 4x4& 39;s and sink them into the ground next to the house and atach the hose reel to it you might consider sinking a post into the ground right near the wall of your house. set it in concrete and make it deep enough to hold.【Get Price】

installing posts on sloped concrete yahoo answers

aug 4 20 however how do i install posts on a sloped concrete slab there are various post anchor hardware& 39;s available. you would strong-tie fpbb44 retro-fit e-z this is for 4x4 posts ; use concrete installing tv wall mount【Get Price】

fantastic concrete fastening tips

fastening to masonry isn& 39;t all that difficult but fastening to wood is easier; that& 39;s why we attach drywall to furring strips instead of directly to concrete walls.【Get Price】

how to construct a lean to roof to a cement wall yahoo answers

use joist hangers to attach the lean-to rafters also 2x6 to the ledger board. this is a lot stronger and easier than & 39;toe nailing& 39; the rafters to the ledger.【Get Price】

master carpenter hack: how to fasten wood to concrete with

jan 6 20 7 learn how to use standard construction screws to attach wood or just about any other material to any type of foundation wall or concrete/【Get Price】

typical deck details - littleton ma

this package is provided as a supplement attachment to the permit use expansion anchors when attaching a ledger board to a concrete or solid masonry wall as concrete pad minimum or attach to 4x4 posts as shown in figure 42.【Get Price】

do it yourself diy yahoo answers

i want to attach the hose to the kitchen faucet and use the hose outdoors so the hose if i need to put anything between the concrete wall and the insulation to stop moisture i have a swing set with 4x4& 39;s that are 6 feet apart and 8 feet high.【Get Price】

how to attach anything into brick easily.the art of doing

jul 9 20 6 want to attach anything to a brick or concrete wall it& 39;s not as terrifying as you think it is. all you need is a masonry drill bit and an anchor screw.【Get Price】

attach 4x4 post to side of retaining wall - inexpensive wpc supplier

how to build a strong retaining wall with 4x4 treated post 7 dec 20 9 the attaching timber posts to top of concrete block wall - renovate forums may 20 6【Get Price】

what is a concrete wall cap

a concrete wall cap is the top surface of a structure such as a wall that is made out of concrete and designed to serve as protection. a wall cap typically features a single-directional or bi-directional sloping edge that serves as a channel for water to move more【Get Price】

how do you seal concrete block walls

seal a concrete block wall by cleaning and patching the surface and then applying a waterproofing paint or sealant designed specifically for masonry. for added protection against moisture and weathering opt for a sealant that contains antibacterial and antifungal more【Get Price】

types of screws 5 every diyer should know bob vila

from wall framing and cabinetmaking to everyday projects like building a wood common uses for masonry screws is to attach wood floor plates to a concrete【Get Price】

fasten wood post to concrete retaining walls

attach fence post to concrete block wall attaching it to the floor and the wall would be best however to give it the proper . do they make anchors for attaching 4x4【Get Price】

concrete forming accessories handbook - dayton superior

provide attachment for the inside rod that ties the two she-bolt sections together. various working designers of formwork for concrete walls or columns find alternate c - nail 4x4 wale to lower sheet of plywood hold the wale in place with【Get Price】

how to install a fence mounted to concrete a better approach

this is a better system to mount a fence to a concrete slab or wall a fence frame if you& 39;re mounting a fence to concrete you& 39;ll want to use metal fence posts.【Get Price】