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A Virtual Transect

Location: Barwon Heads Transect B
Date: 18th June 2002, 11.00am
Photos by: Lucinda Cinel


Barwon Bluff


We have developed a virtual transect study. Use the photographs on the following pages to develop skills in data collection.

Each photograph represents one sample taken at each of the intervals on Transect B at Barwon Heads.

Each photo contains a quadrat and the organisms found at that sample point on the rocky shore.

Photos start at 0m and extend to the low tide mark at 60m with 5m intervals between each sample.

Note: Pages may be slow to load due to the large image sizes.

Using the Photos

  1. Use the pictures of quadrats to practise identifying different organisms
  2. Count the numbers of animals of each species and record these
  3. Estimate the percentage of cover for the different types of algae found on the rocks.
  4. Compare the data you obtain from these photos with other data collected by schools.

Transect B
at Barwon Heads
  Start the tour 0 metre mark
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