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Useful References

Useful References


Marine Discovery Centre - The Marine Discovery Centre is an educational facility which assists people of all ages to discover the wonders of southern Australia's marine environment. http://www.nre.vic.gov.au/mafri/discovery

Life on Australia's Seashores - Keith Davey's site provides comprehensive pictures and information on intertidal life . Most of the species found at Barwon Heads are described. http://www.mesa.edu.au/friends/seashores/default.htm

Marine Education Society of Australasia - The MESA site has information, ideas and activities for teachers and students. There is a Marine Educators Discussion Board, Events Calendar, Useful Links section and more. http://www.mesa.edu.au

Surveying Southern Shores - This site focuses on the collection of physical data for water from a number of sites in Port Phillip Bay and Western Port. It also has a monthly Beachcombing Feature.

Reefwatch Victoria -This site provides information about community monitoring programs for subtidal rocky reefs in Victoria and includes information about many animals that live beyond the low tide mark on rocky shores. www.reefwatchvic.asn.au

Point Lonsdale Lighthouse webcams - Check out the conditions on the reefs at Point Lonsdale through these webcams on the lighthouse. http://www.vicchannels.com.au/web_lighthouse.asp

Life on Rocky Shores (USA) - A Thinkquest activity page developed by students exploring North American Rocky Shores. http://library.thinkquest.org/J001418/

Monterey Bay Aquariums Rocky Shore Display - A fascinating site with lots of great info and pictures of animals and plants on California's rocky shores.

The Tide Pool Page - An opportunity to view rocky shore animals and plants on the other side of the Pacific. This site provides details about intertidal species and zonation patterns in on the Oregon coast. http://web.mit.edu/corrina/tpool/intro.html


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